Friday, June 27, 2008

Iraq - Day 12

For the first time since my arrival, nature called for some serious business while I was at the office.  Near my bunk, the latrine trailers are air conditioned and okay enough to use.  At work, we have the afore mentioned vision boxes replete with said dangers. 

Even so, its it better to give nature it's due than to risk the complications that can come from fighting the system.  So I marched out through the heat, grabbed a handle next to a green indicator dial and swung the door to the side.  Imagine the horror when I see that the cleaning crew has just left and the inside of the facility is now sopping wet from floor to ceiling.  Only the paper avoided the wrath of the cleaners sanitary blast.  Of course the lid was up and the seat was soaked.  Adios, dry butt seal.  As you probably already figured, everything came out fine in the end.

Otherwise, things here are slow and calm.  The air has been clear and the temperature has been off the charts.  They tell me it will get hotter for the next month or two.  Wow.  Sorry I can't stick around for that one.  I did pass the one week to go mark today.  I'm going to bear down and push toward a big finish.  I also need to get a ride to the PX for some shopping before I go.  Last thing to remember is to take more pictures.  I'll have another photo dump shortly.

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