Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Iraq - Day 4 - Turning the Corner

Progress is being made.  The first step was to stop the bleeding. 

There were no unpleasant surprises yesterday.  I got down to work and we fixed a corruption problem in one database.  The brass was very surprised.  It seems that they had another consultant here a few weeks ago that told them that the cleaning procedure would require down time on the whole server.  That was not the case and we were able to fix the problem without bouncing the server.  Sweet.  I do love getting off to a good start.  First impressions and all that jazz.

I managed to take a couple of pictures, but when I tried to post them along with the rest of yesterday's post, Windows Live Writer kept timing out.  Once I removed the pictures the post went through fine.  I was too tired to post the pics to flickr.  I'll get that done and get the pictures on this site tonight or tomorrow night.

Today I should turn the corner.  I should get my network access that will allow me to get access to the databases I'm supposed to be working on as well as email access.  I'll be a part of the world again.

The big event (or big disappointment depending on what happens) will be tonight when my luggage does or does not come in from Kuwait.  I'll probably know by the time I post this to the blog.  I'm just going to freak if I don't get my stuff.  I don't think I can take being a third class citizen much longer.

Note: The bags did arrive.  Relief!

My main contact on this job is leaving the country on Friday.  Today he gave me access to his bicycle.  As soon as I get access to my bags or other reflective clothing I will have transportation as well.

So the bottom line is that the stress is down, attitude is holding steady to improving, comfort is improving.

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