Saturday, June 21, 2008

Iraq - Day 7

I'm now through one-third of this trip.  So far, I'm glad I came but I'll be gladder when it is over.

There was a little too much excitement today when I managed a major bone-head move.  I lost my wallet.  That is the first time I've lost it since 1996.  That was the day I was going to Seattle for my first SQL Server job interview.  My then girlfriend T brought it to me in the terminal explaining that it was a gesture of true love.

Anyway, today I went for a little excursion before work to take a few pictures.  I put my wallet in the front pocket of my new pants and headed out on my bike.  The pockets on these pants are very shallow.  The wallet fell out and spilled most of it contents as soon as I hit the street.  The only reason I know that much is because Staff Sergeant Jiggetts found it,, gathered up the contents and emailed me about what he had found.  I wish he had taken some of the money as the law will not allow me to reward him or even treat him for his honesty.  I did write to his commander about the actions of his top notch soldier.  I've written it before, but our men and women of the armed forces are our best.  They continue to amaze me.

So I got the wallet back, got some good shots that I will post shortly, and had an excellent calsone for lunch.  Now I'm back at the grindstone (except for writing up this post).

Late Note: On the ride back to the bunk tonight, i saw my first Jackal.  At first, all I saw were the two eyes glowing blue.  Then it moved off of the road and I got a good look at the creature.  I was a cross between a dog and fox with some wolf thrown in for size.  It didn't want to see me nearly as much as I wanted to see it.

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