Sunday, June 01, 2008

Poker = Work

Last nights home game edition was a bit more work than most of the previous editions.  We had a good group.  We were missing Nate the Elder and Brian the Red, but Big Nick and CVegas Don filled in.

I spent the whole night on one buy-in.  I was never up buy more than a buy-in and only went all-in once that I can remember.  I played a ton of hands (for me), saw lots of flops and won a good many small pots.  Every decent pot won was followed by a good one lost which was followed by several small wins.  I had won so many small pots at one point, I was getting complaints about hogging the pink (25s) chips.  I managed to give them all back during my usual cold spell.

I had a wonderful knack for running my big hands into someone else's monsters.  T got me twice with a straight over my 2-pair and a boat over my top straight.  The knife got me once with an over pair of KK to my top pair/top kicker.  The highlight of my night was taking a nice pot with a biggish river bet on a shammer (72 suited) bluff.  During the entire HE session, I saw big slick once and pocket 9s once.  The rest of the hands I played were crap like weak As, unsuited connectors, one gappers and low painted cards. 

Things didn't get any better in O8 where I relied on the board hitting my hand hard instead of getting good starting hands.  I had maybe two decent starting o8 hands in the 1.5 hours that we played.  I caught a nut straight with no low to scoop one of the first hands.  Around midnight I flopped a boat that improved on the turn.  With the boat I got 40 in against Don, but he folded his trips to my all-in bet on the river. Later on, I pushed with a pair of Ks and got called by Falstaff and Big Nick.  I avoided all of their many draws and lows to triple up.

The cards that I drew make it sound like I must have been a big loser, but I actually ended up ahead on the night.  I finished with 35 more points than where I started.  It sure was a lot of work for 35.

Conversation Topics:

  • Cystoscopy
  • Jim's trip to Great Britain
  • $800 to get to Vegas - Not going
  • Monkey Joe's (Mojohito)
  • 9 gallons of blood per night
  • $5 and a chicken
  • Falstaff writing for PokerNews
  • Trip to Vegas this week (me and Falstaff and little Nick)

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