Thursday, June 12, 2008

What is the quickest way to kill a circus?

Man am I living close to the edge.  No, I'm not talking about Iraq yet.  I'm just talking about having a lot of things all going on at once.  I'm currently trying to juggle getting ready to go to the desert for 3 weeks, plan a high school reunion, dog-sit for my sister-in-law (actually, Dr. K is going most of the work there but this is my rant), buying new glasses (progressive = progressively worse), and contract house work, all while being a good enough husband.

I just watched a news report on the flooding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  The flooding is horrible.  I hate it for all the people who will have to struggle through this mess, but that is not why I watched it.  The reporter on the ground in CR is the "little" brother to a good friend of mine from my high school days.  Bob was about 7 when I got to know the family.  He is still stuck at that age in my mind.  I have good memories of teaching this young man to hit a baseball.  I think he hit a home run in the very next game.  Now look at him: 

Actually, I would like for you to at least click on the link.  Maybe a little extra traffic will open some doors for him.  He was a great kid and I'm sure he is a fine man today.  Give him 30 seconds.

My favorite floor contractor came by to look at the work that was needed for my porch (not my Porsche - that's a different dumb joke).  What really surprised me what when he asked me if I wanted him to do it, I said yes and he got started, right then.  He was done in about an hour.  I expected him to come back in a week to get started.  Check the porch off the list.

I leave for the desert on Saturday.  I've spent a butt-load of money on new clothes, shoes, bags, powder drinks, socks, soaps, etc, etc, etc.  Most of it will be useful and everyone knows I could use some new clothes.  I guess I'm about ready.  I will have Internet access, though it may only be during my personal time.  I'll blog what I can.

People ask if I am nervous or excited about the trip.  The honest answer is both.  I really don't know what it is going to be like.  I know about the hot, gritty, dusty part.  I don't know about the food, bed, work area, expectations, and so much more than I can imagine.  The work days will be long.  12 hours per day, six days a week is the norm.  Do I have that much attention?  I hope.  Three weeks is long, but not nearly what everyone else who is there will be doing.  There will be no reason for me to complain about anything.  Will I have the patience?  We'll see.  BTW, I don't look like a bad-ass in my helmet and Kevlar vest.

Life is good and I plan to keep it that way.  I've just got to remember that the rough times are just part of it.  Without them, there can be no good times.

Brian the Red had better make plans to go to the Hofbrauhaus this October in Vegas.  Just ask Falstaff.

Answer to the title question: Go for the juggler.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on your trip! Pay attention to the people who are responsible for you and you'll have no problems. Also, remember the first rule of volunteering; don't. We'll be thinking of you here in Boulder.