Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Iraq - Day 10

I'm officially past the half-way point of this trip.  Last night ran late, but we did what we needed to do without incident.  The office provided pizza and soda.  That was a nice change of pace.  We didn't start until 2230 (10:30 pm for you civees) and didn't finish until 0130.  It is still a bit creepy biking it from the hooch to the office.  It would be creepier if I was walking.

One of the things I'm having to watch is my food intake.  It is real easy to eat too much.  The DFAC (dining hall) is cafeteria style, but there are many line and types of food and drink.  The food is good and they serve big portions.  Since I'm working 12 hours a day and sleeping 8 or so (and it's hot as hell out there), I'm not working out so I've got to watch it.

I had a big meeting with the colonel who is in charge of this office.  He started the meeting by telling me that some of their interaction with consultants have been less than productive.  great.  But I hit him with the slide show and the doc and he was pleased and ready to double the size of his portal at the end of the meeting.  One of his junior officers pulled me aside to thank me.  I love that part of the job. 

Now I've got to be careful of what I say and finish the last 9 days strong so that I can call this a successful trip.  Those who know me well know that I'm far from being out of the woods on that score.

I love looking at the cool helicopters flying over and the HMMWVs (Humvees), Guardians, and Cougars (Armored Vehicles) driving by.  I'd love to have a Guardian to drive to work.  I just wonder if I would quit starring at them if I  here longer.  I doubt it.  I still want one of those cool rifles, too.

Late update:  My bicycle broke tonight.  This is going to suck having to walk everywhere.  I think I'm ready to come home now.  How many more days?  Dang it.

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Jim The Knife said...

The vehicles look much tougher then what my son drove while in the Army in Germany.
He sent me a letter explaining that he drove an:
"M-1 A-1 Low Silouette, Ground Assault Vehicle"
It turned out to be a "lawn mower"

We still laugh about that one.