Friday, June 20, 2008

Iraq - Day 6

Except for the heat, dust, guys and girls with guns, and the occasional controlled explosions, this place is just like any other customer trip.  Oh yea, the room service really sucks here.

I can't believe it was just 2 weeks ago that I was in Vegas last.  The close proximity of the visits has me thinking about the similarities and differences between Iraq and Vegas.  Let's see if I can build a top 9 list on the subject.  First the similarities:

  1. It is as hot and dry as the surface of the sun
  2. The buffets aren't bad
  3. If you stray into the wrong area you will likely get shot or worse
  4. Did I mention that it is HOT!

and some differences, in camp, they have

  1. No Sex
  2. No Drugs
  3. Very little Rock n Roll
  4. No lights at night
  5. No color on anything
  6. And worst of all, no Poker.

That was 10.  Close enough.

I'm not sure how this one fits in, but I swear, the hand sanitizer outside of the porta-johns smells just like the inside of the Venetian Casino.  Now if they could get the porta-johns to smell like that.

Actually, I found out today that there is a free hold' em tourney not far from my room on Monday night.  I'll have to take a run at that if I have time.

Speaking of running, I'm going to try to take a run tomorrow morning.  I think it has been about 3 weeks since I did any more exercise than carrying a bag through an airport.

lastly, I got some wheels.  Not exactly what I'm used to in the States, but it's better than walking.  I got a bicycle from on of my departing colleagues.  It came with a helmet.  I just had to put my light on the helmet and move the bike's light to the back and I was off.  Maybe I will see more of the camp now.

I'll get more pictures up soon.  Roger that.  Over and out.

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