Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some Iraq Photos

The mosque is only about 400 yards away.  it is my gauge on how bad the dust is:

This is my workplace for these three weeks. Notice the sandbags and the high wall with barbed wire at the top. That is Baghdad on the other side, but it's just the outskirts.
This is a sample of the high "t" walls that are everywhere on base:
More pictures to come soon.

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Jim The Knife said...

CK...... I just read all 5 of your posts and the one thing I'm surprised at is, being the experienced traveler that you are, that you DIDN'T carry on your medicine. NEVER put your meds in checked luggage. I learned that the hard way in my first trip to Spain. No luggage, no meds.
Have not repeated that error in judgement.
As another commentor said, "keep your head down"